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Emerging Nanoelectronic Technology 
and Integrated systems Lab

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


Research Highlight

[Selected as a Featured Image] Our publication on a highly reliable memristor crossbar array for neuromorphic computing has been selected as a featured image of Nature Communications.

Memristors have been highlighted as candidates for artificial synapse devices in neuromorphic computing systems, due to their analog conductance update characteristics and simple two-terminal structure. However, resistive switching in conventional memristor devices relies on stochastic filament growth and rupture, degrading the reliability of memristor devices. Here, a highly reliable memristor with a self-rectifying characteristic has been developed by designing a switching layer (TiOx) with gradual oxygen concentration for uniform non-filamentary resistive switching. The device also exhibits a diode-like self-rectifying characteristic which enables a selector-free crossbar array. Based on the highly reliable resistive switching and the self-rectifying characteristic, the uniform memristor crossbar array with 100% yield and low variation (<4%) is demonstrated.


Nanoscale Horizons (2023)

ACS Nano


"Linear Conductance Update Improvement of CMOS-Compatible Second-Order Memristors for Fast and Energy-Efficient Training of Neural Network Using a Memristor Crossbar Array"

S. Park*, T. Park, H.Jeong, S. Hong, S. Seo, Y. Kwon, J. Lee, S. Choi**

"Recent Advances and Future Prospects for Memristive Materials, Devices and Systems" (Invited Review)

M. Song*, J. Kang*, X. Zhang, W. Ji, A. Ascoli, I. Messaris, A. S. Demirkol, B. Dong, S. Aggarwal, W. Wan, S. Hong, S. G. Cardwell, I. Boybat,
J. Seo, J. Lee, M. Lanza, H. Yeon, M. Onen, J. Li, B. Yildiz, J. del Alamo, S. Kim, S. Choi, G. Milano, C. Ricciardi, L. Alff, Y. Chai, Z. Wang,
H. Bhaskaran, M. C. Hersam, D. Strukov, H.-S. P. Wong, I. Valov, B. Gao, H. Wu, R. Tetzlaff, A. Sebastian, W. Lu, L. Chua, J. Joshua Yang,
J. Kim**

Journal of Applied Physics (2023)

"The Effect of Schottky Barrier Modulation on Conduction and Failure Mechanisms of an Ag/WOx/p-Si Based Memristor"

T. Park*, H.Jeong, S. Park, S. Hong, S. Seo, S. Park, S. Choi**



Featured in Nature Communications collection of Neuromorphic Hardware and Computing (May 6, 2023)


Grand Prix (Feb 21, 2023)


New Publication on Nature Communications
(Oct 22, 2022)

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