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Emerging Devices

Emerging Nano Technology Device
– Memristor, field-effect transistor (FET) based device, etc.

•Our research team (ENTIS) design, fabricate and evaluate emerging nanoelectronic devices such as 1) 2-terminal devices (memristors, also called RRAMs or resistive switching devices), 2) 3-terminal field-effect transistor (FET) based devices and etc. Our emerging devices have attracted tremendous attention as possible candidates for many applications such as neuromorphic computing hardware, next-generation memory cells, logic applications, and security applications.


The inherent memory effect in our emerging devices can allow efficient big-data storage and parallel write/read-out systems. Other properties such as high density, low power consumption, long cycling endurance, and sub-nanosecond switching speed have been also demonstrated in our emerging devices. However, conventional emerging devices suffer from unavoidable spatial-temporal variation due to uncontrollable and stochastic operation mechanism. The devices are also hard to satisfy Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) compatible process for high-density vertical integration.


Our team is now developing a new strategy to achieve uniform and highly reliable switching through CMOS compatible materials/fabrication steps. Another focus of our team is to design nano technology emerging devices for the next generation of artificial intelligence such as spiking neural networks (SNN) and stochastic computing.


Our team is working on 1) fabrication of devices , 2) integrated system development of the devices, and 3) applications using the systems.

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